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2014 Ford Mustang
Rich Ford Bkg
Knowledge is POWER!™

We believe that owning a performance Ford is a lifestyle. We believe those you are looking to join us want more than a salesperson and a window sticker. Our HyperStangs owners are not customers, they’re partners and allies.

Complete Performance

A Performance Ford is not just a car, it’s a way of life.  If you do we’re hoping you’ll let us make your Ford experience like no other.  If you buy one Ford from us you’ll always be HyperStangs fan!

No Two Alike!

When we build a custom HyperStang, it starts with a blank sheet of paper.  With our professional designers, we craft a car like no other.  From mild daily driver to full-tilt racer, a HyperStangs design is thoughtfully engineered and seamlessly executed to perfection.